1:10 am - Fri, Jul 6, 2012
Q: Did you have put WYWS at your youtube or dailymotion account??

Most of the cuts we have uploaded on YouTube are blocked in many, if not all, countries around the world. This is something we have no control over, since SBS is issuing a major copyright sweep across YouTube. WYWS is an SBS drama, so most of the subbed cuts didn’t pass through their radar.

Fortunately, these sort of things don’t happen on Dailymotion, and you can find all of the videos here!

You can also head over to our Translation Index, where download links to the videos can be found.


12:50 am
Q: hi, could you sub infinite god of music??

We will add that to the wish list. Since it’s a short video, it shouldn’t be a big deal to sub it, but we want to confirm things with our translator and timer first before making any commitments. Check back on our progress log for updates. :)


12:21 am

FRS (Frequently Requested Shows)

Ranking King: This is probably not news to most people, but there are several people who have been working on subbing Ranking King. -fuckyeahinfinite- made and regularly updates a compilation post linking to the various subbed versions of the show that are floating around.

Bouquet Episode 29 (with Dongwoo’s and Sungyeol’s moms): We have decided to sub only Infinite’s cuts because the amount of screen time they have on the show is so small.

While You Were Sleeping: We will continue subbing Sungyeol’s cuts from the drama, so don’t worry.

And as a reminder, please consult our Progress Log to see what other shows that we have already said we will sub before making requests. Thanks!


12:01 am
Q: Will you sub Wowman? :)

To everyone who has requested Wowman: Yes, we are currently in the process of getting that subbed (and in fact started on it before we took our super long hiatus, OTL). Hopefully, our team members’ schedules permitting, we will be able to release it soon. Please look forward to it. :)

Edit: We’ve been working on the episode where all of Infinite showed up as guests. As for the other episodes, we’ve been considering doing Dongwoo’s cuts.


11:58 pm - Thu, Jul 5, 2012
Q: Hello! I really love that you sub videos that are older and have been overlooked, but is it possible for you guys to translate Infinite's You & I from 120702 (ep 17)? Thank you so much!

Well, we figured there were enough people subbing the bigger things that it would make more sense to concentrate on everything else that’s falling between the cracks, so to speak. There’s no point in putting out another set of subs for already subbed videos, after all.

Oh, and you’re in luck. You & I has just been subbed by Shia & Reagy here.


7:45 pm

Layout Change

We just changed our layout to keep up with the times, haha. If anyone finds a glitch/problem with the theme, please let us know so we can fix it. Thanks!


3:28 pm - Mon, Jul 2, 2012

[ENG SUB] 120702 INFINITE Episode # 장보르기니의 탄생

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